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Welcome to join our Wholesale Program!
Years of industrial presence and sound distributorships have allowed us to pass the additional value of our goods and services on to our wholesale partners, here defined as retailers, LED shops, wholesalers, and industrial, commercial, and professional business owners.

What We Provide

  1. Various discounts throughout our product lines for your bulk and/or wholesale orders;
  2. Customized quotations for your orders depending on the order size, frequency, and lifetime value of the partnership;
  3. Demo samples upon launching of new products on a case-to-case basis;
  4. Same day or next day delivery for stocked products;
  5. Reliable DHL/UPS/FedEx courier service.

How to Join our Wholesale Program

Send us an email of inquiry to sales@ledbe.com. One of our stuffers will contact you for placing a wholesale order offline.

please let us know the item name,quantity and shipping address,so we will send you PI or pricelist asap.

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